Getting healthy starts with the mind, confirms study

Wide gap exists among Indians between wanting to be healthy and actually taking adequate efforts to achieve the goal: Report 

Artificial kidney a new hope for kidney & dialysis patients

Obesity affects the normal functioning of Kidneys, changes the microstructure of kidneys, leading to protein leakage and kidney failure.

Every three minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer

Worldwide, more than 3,00,000 children and adolescents (0-18 years) are diagnosed with one of 16 forms of childhood cancers.

German fitness trainer conducting a fitness workshop for Chandigarhians
'Get Fit Chandigarh' a 10 days workout is being conducted by a German trainer, Julia Klesse at Dewsun Fitness Studio in Chandigarh.
Two-day Arthoplasty Surgeons Congress held in Chandigarh

Cutting Edge Technology, the Mako Robotics Arm Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery which will be conducted by Dr Frederick Buechel. 

40% heart attack patients in Haryana, many under 40 age

Smoking, lack of physical activity, less sleep and growing stress level are seen to be top reasons behind the heart disease cases.

PolyMed introduces Renal, Respiratory & Blood Banking in Punjab

Starting with Ludhiana, Polymed plans to introduce a range of Respiratory care products, Renal care products including machines. 

Mayo Hospital Mohali does Kidney Transplant at PGI rates

Mayo Hospital Mohali performs Kidney Transplants at par the PGI rates and with minium waiting time, thus making it very affordable.

Organs from a Brain Dead youth give new life to kidney patients

After successfully harvesting at the PGI Chandigarh, the kidneys were rushed to Mohali in a fully equipped Fortis Hospital ambulance. 

Inscol provides simulation training to protect mother-child during birth

The simulation-based workshop was conducted by Janet Deacon and Lusia Acosta, faculty member from the University of West London.

Patients with mild hypertension at risk of suffering from heart attacks

A major concern in the Indian population is that most of the people are even unaware that they suffer from hypertension at all. 

US based Hysun Inc. presents diabetic supplement 'Suga Balanz'

Suga Balanz dibetic supplement makes insulin receptors more sensitive to insulin at cellular level among many of its functions.

Daily exercise in any form can reduce the danger of Diabetes

Physical activity can lower one’s blood pressure, help control the blood sugar level and one’s weight, and reduce the stress also.

80 per cent of all the diseases have psychological base

If a person is psychologically happy, his life will definitely will be full of health and happiness, revealed experts at a conference.

Vitamin D deficiency may cause heart attacks, diabetes, cancer

Vitamin D deficiency can have a serious long-term impact on health making vulnerable to diseases such as heart attacks & diabetes.

Ivy Hospital Group brings affordable medicare to Amritsar in Punjab

Growing incidence of lifestyle diseases has made medical treatment beyond the reach of common man. - MD, Ivy Hospital Group

A handful of almonds a day can keep you healthy and gay

Toss a handful of almonds into your bowl of salad, roast them and play with a variety of flavours to make a snack of your choice. 

World Lupus day celebrated at PGI Chandigarh

The programme was chaired by Prof BK Sharma, Former Director, PGIMER and Prof YK Chawla, Director PGIMER was also present.

Max Hospital Saket launches hip, knee OPD services in Patiala

Weak bones have the potential to create irreversible damage to an individual’s professional and personal output, said the doctors. 

World Health Day: hand wash before food handling emphasised

Wash and sanitize all surfaces and equipment used for food preparation and protect food from insects, pests and animals.

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