Specttrum News:: A Singaporean earth observation satellite will be launched with an Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) next year, a senior official said.

The TeLEOS-1 would be Singapore's first commercial project on Indian Space Research Organisation's PSLV, making Near Equatorial Orbit, taking images for shipping and maritime security, Mah How Teck, Vice President for Market Development at Singapore Technologies Electronics Ltd siad.

ST Electronics has signed an agreement with India's Antrix Corporation Ltd for the satellite to ride on PSLV which would be launched into space at 550-km above the Earth at a low inclination in the fourth quarter of 2015.

The 400-kg satellite is equipped with an electro-optical camera capable of taking images at ground resolution of one metre, Mah said.

"It is suitable for applications such as disaster and environment monitoring, maritime safety, urban planning and homeland security," he said, after hosting a pre-Singapore Airshow press conference.

The unique Near Equatorial Orbit allows frequent revisits to areas of interest in equatorial regions at approximately 96-minute intervals, delivering high data availability and responsiveness, Mah said.


Singapore launched its first experimental satellite, XSAT, in April 2011 with ISRO. "This is our second project," he said. The TeLEOS-1 is a commercial project by ST Electronics and its compatriot partners Nanyang Technological University and Defence Science Organisation Laboratories, following up to their first research project, XSAT.