Specttrum News: The Chhattisgarh Tourism Board (CTB) has received a Rs 113.5 crore project prioritization funding from the Centre. The CTB has created future tourism plans that will help establish Chhattisgarh as India's biggest eco-tourism hub.

The eco-tourism project of Chhattisgarh Govt aims at promoting Gangrel Dam, the largest water body in the state, as a major destination, developing Sirpur-Kodar-Raipur-Tandula as a large eco-tourist circuit and creating convention centres.

The eco-tourism plan also aims at developing special segments of camping and caravan tourism at important destinations, holding shows at archaeological site of Sirpur and at Bhoramdeo, popularly called 'Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh', promoting rural tourism and hosting fairs and festivals, according to a statement from the CTB.

The state has three national parks, 11 wildlife sanctuaries, over 30 waterfalls, abundant caves and untouched topography, and Chhattisgarh Tourism Board seeks to promote all these internationally.