Specttrum News (by Brijesh Bhatt): Facebook is certainly one of the great phenomena of the early 21st century. From starting off as an innocuous social media tool, it has turned into this massively powerful medium of social change, commerce, dissemination of news, marketing, disaster management and much more.

Currently there are 1.35 billion active facebook users worldwide and still growing. Like every coin has two faces, Facebook also comes with its good and bad. Almost 10% of active Facebook users worldwide are fake, which means that there are 135 million imposters out there, wreaking havoc in the lives of individuals and damaging personnel identity.

In India, now it is common news for society that how few bad minded users are spoiling the advantage of social media, and affecting their personal life because of this, case like suicide, molestation, harassment, especially against girls are increasing day by day. So to avoid this, user should be tech savvy and must have knowledge about apps, technology like FakeOFF which protect them on facebook.


FakeOFF launched this game-changer Facebook application that protects its users from scams devised by fake Facebook users, who are mistaken for genuine "new friends". Recent statistics show that at least 10% of approx. 1.35 Billion Facebook users are not authentic. In addition, there are millions of users who take fake identities and appear as regular users.

Fake profiles are divided into several main groups – criminals, commercial, psychological, etc. – that can risk our reputation (identity theft), our children (pedophiles and sexual abuse), our property (home break-ins) and our personal safety.

The FakeOFF application is using sophisticated algorithm to investigate the behavior of suspect "friends" and rank them according to a 1-10 credibility score. The application scans up to 365 days of timeline activity for every suspect Facebook friend and checks for abnormal activity.

As fake profiles on Facebook usually can't use authentic images on their timeline, FakeOFF also runs an image scan that searches the web for the source of the suspect image. Using the image integrity test and the timeline deep scan, the user gets a definitive and very accurate result. We like to think of FakeOFF as a social 'human antivirus' application that can offer users real-time protection through background profile investigations and safeguard our children from harm.

FakeOFF, a facebook app developed by Israili Developer Eliran, which is specially designed to protect, Block and restricts fake profiles and pages. This application helps you to judge which profile is fake and needs to be reviewed. An ‘algorithm’ test is done of last 365 days of profiles activity, images and videos and generates a score between 1 to 10, where 1 says ‘Be Alert’ and 10 means ‘Safe’ . So girls can know who are well wishers on facebook? and who are defamers? More than 1,00,000 users are using this app.