Specttrum News (Kulbir Singh Kalsi)Though Northern Region considered as the ‘Food Bowl of the Country’ contributes as much as 30 per cent towards agriculture and allied sector in the GDP of India, major agricultural states like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Punjab lag way behind the national average of growth rate, which is a cause of serious concern.

As far as growth of the agriculture & allied sectors (CAGR 2004-05 to 2013-14) in the Northern Region is concerned, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan recorded higher rate than that of India, while, key state such as Punjab fared poorly”, according to a CII press release.


The yield of food grains in most of the states from the Northern Region has been significantly above the national average. However, the region, as a whole, has recorded a lower Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) as compared to the national figure during the period 2003-04 to 2012-13.


“Against this backdrop and to take Indian Agriculture to the next level, especially in North, Confederation of Indian industry (CII) will host the 11th CII Agro Tech 2014 from 22-25 November, 2014 at Parade Ground, Sector 17, here in Chandigarh”, announced CII.


The CII Agro Tech 2014 will be formally inaugurated on 22 Nov by Parkash Singh Badal, Chief Minister of Punjab; Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister of Haryana and Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan (Canada) in the presence of Ashish Bahuguna, Secretary - Agriculture, Government of India and Siraj Hussain, Secretary - Food Processing Industries, Government of India.


India’s Premier Biennial Agro Technology & Business Fair – the CII Agro Tech 2014 will feature 5 International Conferences, country specific sessions by participants from Africa, Germany and Pakistan. There would also be farmers’, scientists’ & industry delegation visits from Pakistan, Gambia, New Zealand, and exhibitors from 10 countries and 15 Indian states, with the attempt to take the Indian agriculture to the next level. 


Much in sync with the Modi Government’s thrust on improving agriculture productivity, enhance farmer’s earnings, increase Agriculture’s (falling share) in India’s GDP and attaining self reliance, Agro Tech would aim to bridge the gap between the farming community, scientists and latest innovations, practices and technologies available both nationally and globally inagriculture and bring them on a common platform for the benefit of the farmers with more than 200 new launches.


The CII Agro Tech 2014 is expecting participation of approximately 50000 farmers from states including Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu etc, and participants from countries like Bangladesh, China, Canada, Pakistan, Nepal and New Zealand are also expected to join in the mega fair.


With such huge farmer participation, CII Agro Tech 2014 is expected to play a critical role in revolutionising the Indian Agri sector in all aspects whether it be technology interventions, water management, productivity, soil testing, farm mechanisation or key policy issues relevant to the entire value chain - from farm to market. With a large domestic and international presence, including 36 international exhibitors and 126 domestic exhibitors, the Agri Fair will host 8 concurrent shows including Farm Tech Show, Food Expo, Food Tech, Good Earth, Implementex, Water & Irrigation Management, Livestock Expo, States of India Pavilion and International Pavilion amongst others”, according to CII.


Dr Pawan Goenka, Chairman, CII Agro Tech 2014 & Executive Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. shared that “Through CII Agro Tech 2014, we aim to showcase the latest technological innovations geared to take Indian agriculture to the next level. It will also focus on policy issues by bringing all key stakeholders - governments, institutes, scientists, associations, farmers and the industry onto a single platform thereby helping in attracting higher investments in agriculture and related sectors”.


“CII Agro Tech will help in attaining the objective of ‘more crop per drop’ laid out by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi by showcasing the best practices and most advanced procedures & technologies being applied in pockets to a vast number of farmers from all across India present at single platform”, highlighted Dr Goenka.


“CII Agro Tech 2014 will also feature special ‘Kisan Goshthees’, a value added platform for farmers including sessions with scientists and experts to enlighten them with some of the best practices in areas like protected agriculture & precision farming, climate change, water & soil management, use of solar energy for agriculture, organic farming and reducing pesticide usage, Agro processing & marketing, optimum use of Agri inputs, farm mechanization etc which would help remove the existing bottlenecks like lack of knowledge on latest irrigation methods, on proper use of fertilizers, soil testing and about the latest farm mechanization techniques”, further informed Dr Goenka.


Sharing CII’s agenda on Indian Agriculture, Mr Salil Singhal, Co Chairman, CII National Council on Agriculture & Chairman, PI Industries shared that “Key focus of CII Agro Tech, scheduled from22-25 November at Chandigarh would be to enhance productivity per hectare and showcase the latest methods and best practices in agriculture in various aspects including irrigation, inputs, farm mechanization etc”.  


“We are World number 1 in productivity of various fruits like grapes, banana, papaya etc per hectare. But we can be no. 1 in various other vegetables and fruits too”, added Mr Singhal.


Via the fair, the aim is to create a platform of development which will help place India as a global player. This fair provides a critical platform to domestic farmers to imbibe global practices and develop a greater learning of the latest technological innovations being undertaken across international markets. Providing an important learning curve to Indian stakeholders, the fair will work closely with central and state governments to formulate policies which will help accelerate domestic agricultural production.


The CII Agro Tech 2014 will also feature International Conferences on Horticulture Value Chain, Animal Husbandry, Innovations in Agriculture, World View of India as a Food Basket and Food Processing, Storage & Distribution; and Country specific Session on ‘Business Opportunities in Africa. 


The fair is also expected to have a Roundtable on ‘India-Pakistan Agriculture Trade’, along with another CEOs Roundtable with Union Agriculture Minister, Union Food Processing Minister & Secretary – Agriculture and Food Processing Ministries, Government of India.


Some of the other interesting features of CII Agro Tech 2014 include Interesting live display of Automatic Feed System for Poultry and Dairy Farm Development Mobile Vans at Livestock Expo, Live display of Fish Farming, Food Tech with interesting display of ‘Vito’ Oil Filtration System, Interesting displays on Integrated Agri Business Model for Waste Land Development and benefits derived from Paddy Straw Composting, Live display of Soilless Farming (Hydroponics) and functional Solar Pump, Animal Identification system (RFIDs), cooling solutions for Livestock, Veterinary homoeopath products, Implementex displaying digital panel for Tractors and Solar Energy Systems, Proposal to launch newer & efficient model of tractors and display of foldable water tank, Rice Transplanters, Vertical Garden at Good Earth Show. 

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