Specttrum News (Dr. Gurmet Dorjay): Ven. Bhikkhu Sanghasena, the Founder President of Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre (MIMC) Leh-Ladakh paid a visit to the beautiful campus of Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida, near Delhi. He delivered a brief talk to the international students of the School of Buddhist Studies and Civilization in the conference Hall of Gautam Buddha University.


Several teaching staff and academicians including Dr. Neetin Rana, Dean, School of Buddhist Studies and Civilization, Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh (Assistant Professor), Dr. Anand Singh (Assistant Professor) staff and students were also present on the occasion.


Earlier, in his welcome speech, Dr. Anand Singh recalled Venerable Sanghasena’s first visit to Gautam Buddhist University in February 2012. He said, Venerable's visit was a great blessing, inspiration, encouragement and historical for the start of Buddhist department.


Ven. Sanghasena recalled how the most beautiful, scientific, rational, humanistic and practical teachings of Buddha was originated in India and spread far and wide into every corner of the world and became an official national religion of so many countries. But unfortunately, it declined and disappeared from its own birthplace, India.


He paid tribute to Ven. Anagarika Dhammapala from Sri Lanka and Dr. B R Ambadkar for their great mission of taking up the revival of Buddhism in its mother land 'India'.


Today the young generation is looking for a new religion, spiritualism, meditation, yoga, which is simple to understand and to apply in their day to day life. Teachings which can help them to understand complexity of body and mind and thereby to enjoy relaxation, mental peace, friendly and peaceful relationship with all. They also prefer a religion or spiritualism which helps them to find salutations to the family, social, political, national and international problems etc. rather than high philosophical and metaphysical discussion and explanation of heaven and hell, past life and next life.


In the quest of such religion and spiritualism the teachings of Buddha appear most appealing and convincing. Though Buddhism is also more than 2500 year old, but the basic teachings of the Buddha is still most scientific and relevant to the people of 21st century.


Buddha gave shift from God-centre religion to human mind centre-religion. Buddhism encourages a spirit of scientific, logical inquiry into ultimate truth, the freedom of thought and scientific enquiry into truth by oneself, it emphasizes on one’s own thought and action, which are responsible for one's happiness and misery. Buddhism provides them with a clear and simple moral and ethical framework suitable to modern times.


Ven. Sanghasena asked the students to take full benefit of wonderful facilities and peaceful and clean atmosphere of the beautiful campus of the university.


He asked the students to study hard not only to acquire mere intellectual knowledge but to practice and experience the wonderful teachings in their daily life.


He said the students should penetrate into the core of Buddha’s teachings, and remain hanging around the periphery of rites, rituals, ceremonies and dogmas etc.


The Buddhist monk also expressed his deep gratitude to great leader Mayawati and the government of Uttar Pradesh for establishing this beautifully planned, world class University.


Ven. Sanghasena shared his concern with the staff and the students regarding lack of proper decent Buddhist centre in Delhi.


He said, “Delhi is the capital of India and one of the most impotent and biggest cities in the world. It is regretable that there is no adequate Buddhist centre where the believers and followers of Buddha could go and join Buddhist teachings, meditation, and prayer. Many people including intellectuals, businessmen bureaucrats and many staff of embassies from Buddhist countries are looking for a decent Buddhist temple or centre for their spiritual fulfilment."


Therefore, Ven Sanghasena strongly felt of proposing the establishment of a New Delhi International Buddhist Centre, which will cater to the needs of all those interested in the teachings of Lord Buddha, in the capital.


The students from the various countrie have expressed deep appreciation and solidarity to Ven Sanghasena for this important initiative.


First preparatory committee of New Delhi International Buddhist Centre (NDIBC) was formed.

Later Ven Sanghasena called on Chandra Prakesh Singh, the registrar of the Gautam Buddha University. An invitation for the 4th International Festival of Buddhist Heritage of Ladakh 2015 was extended to the Vice Chancellor, J P Sharma and to the registrar.


The two organizations, School of Buddhist Studies & Civilization, Gautam Buddha University and the Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre (MIMC) also agreed to sign an MOU on several important issues.