Specttrum News: The Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishavidyalaya, Sector 51, Chandigarh began a 3 year course on value education at Government High School, Sector 50, which taught that by inculcating values you can enhance your value amongst your mentors and parents.

Students were informed on incorporating moral values through means of drama and stories. The program initiated with a speech by the Principal Lakhvinder Singh. This project has been started to ensure safe future of the country.

B.K. Sarika, Center-in-charge, Sector 51 branch, which sharing some details about this project said that TOUCH THE LIGHT is a 3 year program wherein a class is adopted by Spiritual training for 3 years children are imported skills on managing their daily chores along with moral education.

Sister Sarika said that 7th class is adopted for this moral training and soon this project would reach various other schools of the city. Only good moral values can make safe our future scenario.