Specttrum News: The best paragliders in the world will gather in Bir Billing and show their mettle, as India gears up to host the “AAI Paragliding World Cup 2015”.

Preparations are underway on a massive scale in Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh, where the World Cup would be staged from October 23–31, 2015. The Billing Paragliding Association (BPA), which has been entrusted to organize the event, is leaving no stone unturned to ensure a memorable experience for everyone.

The initial meeting between the Organising Committee, the Billing Paragliding Association, all the major stakeholders and prominent sponsors was held in New Delhi recently.


The Airports Authority of India (AAI) will be the Title Sponsors and actively promote the sport. The AAI has also taken up the task of promoting Adventure Sports and help build an additional avenue for Tourism.

About 130 of the best paragliders, including those in World’s Top-5, from over 30 countries are set to participate in the championship, which will put India firmly on the global paragliding map.

Sudhir Sharma, Minister of Housing, Urban Development and Town Planning, Government of Himachal Pradesh, who is also the president of the Billing Paragliding Association, has been closely monitoring the progress of the event.

“It is a matter of huge prestige for Billing Paragliding Association and Himachal Pradesh that the AAI Paragliding World Cup is happening here. This is a huge shot in the arm for not only the sport of paragliding, but Himachal Pradesh as well and we are working hard to deliver a truly world-class event,” Sudhir Sharma said.

“We are very thrilled that a prominent organisation like the Airports Authority of India has come forward to be the title sponsor of the Paragliding World Cup. It will boost sports and tourism activities in the state as international participants, pilots and others will visit the Kangra valley during this championship. Other activities to attract spectators will also be organised and it is bound to boost the local population and Tourism,” he added.

Sudhir Raheja, Member (Planning) and Board Member of AAI, said, “The AAI Paragliding World Cup is a big step in the promotion of Adventure Sports in India. AAI was looking to adopt a sport and this has come at the right time as Paragliding and AAI have a lot of synergy through aviation. This association can take Adventure Sports to the next level. The Paragliding World Cup, which is being held for the first time in India, heralds a new era for Aero Sports in India.”

Bir Billing is considered the second best paragliding spot in the world and steps have been taken to develop infrastructure of international standards for the championship. The take-off and landing areas are being completely redone, and state-of-the-art facilities are being built for the paragliders, officials and spectators alike.

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