Specttrum News: With more than 6.2 crore individuals in India currently diagnosed with diabetes, it is fast gaining the status of an epidemic. It's rising incidence is also a primary cause of the sudden surge in heart disease cases because of their direct relationship, said Dr Ripen Kumar Gupta, Associate Director, Fortis Hospital, New Delhi.


On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, Dr Santosh Kumar Agarwal, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, Kailash Hospital & Heart Institute, Noida, said that compared to non-diabetics, diabetics are two to four times more at risk of heart diseases including heart attacks, heart failure and cardiomyopathy.


Vascular diseases which include ailments of heart, kidney, intestinesare recognized to be the primary cause of death amongst 80 percent of the diabetic patients. The higher a person's blood sugar level, the higher he or she is at risk of getting diabetic heart disease (DHD).


The primary cause of heart attacks is the build-up of a fatty substance called plaque that blocks the arteries responsible for transporting blood and oxygen to the heart. High amounts of sugar in the blood due to insulin resistance or diabetes often mark the onset of coronary atherosclerosis, said Dr Ripen Kumar Gupta.


Lifestyle irregularities contribute to increased chances of diabetes, obesity and hypertension, which in turn increase the risk of heart disease and premature death. All these are co-related and its causes are common.


Physical activity can lower one’s blood pressure, help control the blood sugar level and one’s weight, and reduce stress. It's also important to follow the treatment plan for diabetes and seeingthe doctor for ongoing care. If one already has DHD, he/she must follow the treatment plan as their doctor advices. These can help them avoid or delay serious problems, such as a heart attack or heart failure.

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