Specttrum News: According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), hypertension or high blood pressure, is estimated to affect more than one in three adults aged 25 and over, or about one billion people globally.

It is one of the most important precipitators of heart disease and stroke, thereby making it the number one cause of premature death and disability around the world.


Speaking about the same, Dr. Amit Bhushan Sharma, Visiting Cardiologist, Dr. DB Sharma clinic, Jammu Tawi and Senior Consultant, Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, said, "Caused by lifestyle factors, mild-hypertension is mostly a silent disease and it often goes unnoticed due to the vagueness of its symptoms, which include occasional headaches, confusion, buzzing in one’s ear amongst others."

Dr. Santosh Kumar Agarwal, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, Kailash Hospital & Heart Institute, Noida,A major concern in the Indian population is that most of the people are unaware that they suffer from hypertension. This happens because hypertension does not have any obvious symptoms. Even if people are aware that they are mildly hypertensive, they tend to ignore it because they do not see it as an emergency. What they don’t realise is that the harm happens internally.”


While it is a known fact that hypertension is directly linked to heart diseases, recent studies have also found that young patients suffering from pre-hypertension with no history of cardiovascular problems are susceptible to suffer from strokes and heart attacks in the future.

A person is said to be suffering from mild hypertension when their systolic or upper blood pressure is at below 160 mmHg and diastolic or lower blood pressure is less than 100 mmHg. The more the pressure in blood vessels the harder the heart has to work in order to pump blood.


Research has shown that antihypertensive therapy helps in preventing stroke and untimely death in patients. The onus lies on the medical fraternity to educate their patients about the possible consequences of ignoring hypertensive problems so that proper and timely prevention can be taken.