Specttrum News (Kulbir Kalsi): Caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, people stop paying heed to their health and tend to go for quick-fixes which yield long term harms and side effects to one's body. In the process they neglect the natural means of therapies, thinking that these natural therapies are difficult and complicated. 

Dr. Naresh Arora of Chase Aroma Clinik & Skin Care Institute broke the same myth and organized a beauty and wellness beauty seminar, aimed at not only spreading awareness on holistic treatment but also the right usage of aromatherapy.

The sole objective of this expo was to bring forward the fact that aromatherapy and naturopathy are the simplest and ideal therapies. Famous hair stylist from Bollywood Jass & Sam also conducted sessions on trending summer hair styles and hair designs.

Holistic living aims to take care of Mind, Body and Soul through therapies and techniques; used for stress management, obesity, hair care, etc. One day long event showed areas such as correct breathing, grounding, meditation, chakra balancing from root to crown, pendulum dowsing, healing power of sound, introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and other ways of naturopathy. 

Dr Neeti Arora, Renowned Naturopath, Yoga & Reiki expert said,'We want to touch upon one of the most important and unspoken areas in holistic healing about Aromatherapy and Reiki which complement each other and get optimum results. An elixir of life aroma and reiki clubbed together can alleviate, relax and uplift even the most tired body and stressed mind.' Addressed to get your mind Relaxed.