Specttrum News: There is a new hope for dialysis patients who are waiting for kidney transplant. “We have started a noble Kidney Transplant initiative at Mayo Hospital Mohali, for needy patients at the cost equivalent to PGI Chandigarh, the government hospital that conducts kidney transplants in the Punjab region,” said Dr Manish Singla, Head, Nephrology Department, and the only Nephrologist in tricity holding a fellowship from Canada.

“There is a demand of lakhs of kidney transplants every year, but less than 5% are being done nationally. The rest 95% remain on dialysis and die awaiting transplant. In Himachal Pradesh, there is no hospital equipped with transplant infrastructure. In Haryana, there are a few in Gurgaon and in Chandigarh tricity, PGI is there along with a few private hospitals, including Mayo Mohali. So there is a major short fall,” Said Dr Singla, the Transplant Physician at a press conference held at Chandigarh Press Club on Tuesday.


“At Mayo Hospital, we have an average waiting time for kidney transplants of one month, while in bigger government institutes like PGI Chandigarh, the waiting period is 6-9 months due to the patient load. While the patient will have to bear very affordable transplant expenses that match PGIMER, due to the reduced waiting time, he or she will save on an average Rs 1.5-2 lakhs on dialysis,” said Dr Virender Dhankhar, Urologist & Transplant Surgeon.


It was revealed that prevalence of kidney failure had increased over the last 10 years with 3% of population suffering from early kidney failure stage and 10-20 per 1000 population needing dialysis. According to a government estimate, over 2 lakh new kidney failure patients are added to the existing load every year.


Apart from shortfall of kidney transplant centres there is a major problem of availability of donor kidneys. In India donor kidney from a brain dead person constitutes just 5 per cent of total transplants, while in the west (USA & Canada) this constitutes around 75% of total transplants.

Details of a unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) medical procedure were also shared. A young 22-year-old Kidney patient – Sandeep, who is from Karnal, was saved by performing a kidney transplant on him by the expert doctors at Mayo, free of cost, as Sandeep is son of a Rickshaw puller and could not afford the expenses. 


“The hospital has proved to be an angel sent down by God as they did the operation free of charge. Today i am alive because of the highly committed & dedicated team at Mayo hospital.” Said Sandeep.