Specttrum News (Kulbir S Kalsi): US Food & Drug Administration (USFDA) has officially accepted the dissolving heart stents in its list of valuable medical devices that can safely be used to save lives from heart disease. With this, bioresorbable vascular scaffolds (BVS) known as dissolving stents are as good as the best legally available other stents for the  same use. 

This was stated by Dr BB Chanana, Head, Cardiology Department, Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, New Delhi during a press conference held recently at Rohtak.

Dr Chanana said, "BVS has been widely accepted by the patients of Haryana. As per our data, around 40 per cent of the heart attack patients from Haryana belong to less than 40-yrs of age group, with youngest being of 21-yrs."

Majority of the young patients prefer BVS, as it is an ideal solution, because of long life ahead besides ensuring no risk of stent related complications, along with functioning of heart just as natural.

“Coronary artery disease is a rising health issue in Haryana. Smoking, lack of physical activity, less sleep and growing stress level, are seen to be top reasons behind the disease, which causes life threatening events such as heart attacks and strokes,” he stated.

BVS is the latest innovation in the treatment after heart attack. They are also known as 4th revolution in the management of coronary artery disease. They have a unique ability to open blocked arteries, give them strength and medicine till they remain open on their own and then disappear from body. Because of its unique effect it lets heart system to function as natural which is by far the best for healthy heart.

BVS were launched in India in 2013 . It has been used in more than 50,000 patients in India. In the past three years, patients ranging from 18-yrs to 80-yrs have reaped its benefits, he asserted.