Specttrum News: A spiritual programme to celebrate the Green Guru Purnima was held at Louisville, Kentucky, USA, where a saint from India, Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, President, Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh inspired his devotees from across the United States and Canada.

Chidanand said, “The Guru removes the darkness from our lives and brings light. That is the meaning of the word Guru. But then what is our responsibility? Our responsibility is to bring that light to others, the light of Oxygen, the light of life, the light of a healthy future for our planet. Light is not only for ourselves. We must become the light which brings light to all.”

The Guru Purnima celebrations included sacred guru puja, a special function at the Hindu Temple of Kentucky in which Swami Chidanand and Sadhvi Bhagawatiji gave inspiring discourses on the significance of Guru Purnima.

Establishment of a three sided Lord Shiva, and plantation of a Bael (Bilva) tree, grown from the seeds from Rishikesh, was another attraction of the event.


Several years ago a seed from the Bilva tree at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh was carried by a devotee back to Louisville, Kentucky, where it was planted. That seed has grown into a strong and healthy sapling which was planted on Green Guru Purnima, signifying a sacred bridge between Rishikesh and Louisville, Kentucky.

In Rishikesh, at Parmarth Niketan, in honour of the Kanvad mela beginning with shravan month, bael trees and many other trees were also planted at this sacred time of Guru Purnima. 


Small Bilva saplings were also distributed to the devotees present to plant on the occasions of birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations.

Chidanand further said, “The Guru changes our inner climate. Most of us have the heat inside of us – the heat of our anger, the heat of our passion, the heat of our ego. The Guru’s light brings coolness to our inner being. We must take care of our inner climate and also the outer climate. For the inner climate we need our Guru. For the outer climate we need to plant trees and protect our natural forests.”