Money Worries’ latest offering The Black White & Grey – Re-Coloring The Rupiah penned by a 20 year old CA aspirant Pragun Jindal is a beginners guide to educate Indians especially the Youth on the black money menace and ways to help curb it.

The book was unveiled in New Delhi recently. It is agreed by all that Black Money has been one of the major curses on the Indian economy and many economists have pointed out that if Black Money creation is curbed in India – the speed of growth of our economy would be many times more than what has been witnessed lately.

The current government has taken a major step in demonetization of the higher currency but the battle has just begun. Follow up steps will only tell us whether our country would be rid of the Black Money menace or not.


Even though the current steps taken by the central government have brought a lot of focus to the Black Money menace in the country, we feel there is still a lot to be discussed on the subject. There is a lot of lies, unknown facts and baseless rumours about Black Money and it seems a lot more education is required to clear the myths in the minds of the citizens and more so in the Indian Youth. The book tries to solve these issues in a beginners style.

The author unfolds this dark world, which eats into an idea of an equal world where the rich get richer staying on the dark side, while the poor are marginalized. There are tricks to keep the cover of darkness intact and every time an effort is made to lift the veil, the tricks become sharper.


Pragun Jindal, Author, The Black White & Grey says, “A delinquent like poverty affects the poor, unemployment affects those who are unemployed, alcoholism and drug abuse affect those who devour them, black money is a hitch which does not affect persons who amass “black dough” but it affects the common men in the populace. Also, there are shades of grey apart from the Black and White shades of Money and my book also sheds light on this.”


The book looks at the world that thrives in the shadows, fueled by money that exchanges hands in the dark and never gets reported – “The Kala Dhan.”


Akhil Jindal, Chairman, Money Worries and Director, Jindal Equity Research, says “We have been trying to find color in this bi-colored black and white world. When it comes to color of money, it gets more covert and enthralling. We have been hearing about black money being amassed away in benami bank accounts and 'chuparustam' lockers, tax havens and even in big boots of imported bravura cars of loaded businessmen, corrupt officials, mafias and some honest politicians. Pragun has very eloquently penned a book which talks about all of these apart from the new-age currencies of the world like bitcoin.”


Pragun Akhil Jindal is a 20 years old student who lives in New Delhi. He is pursuing his graduation from Delhi University (Commerce Honors) and is on course to complete his Chartered Accountancy soon. An avid debater, he completed his schooling from The Shri Ram School. Pragun is a writer by day and a reader by night. He has previously interned with The Times of India and also writes for news-media blogs like Youth Ki Awaaz and ICAI Student Journal. He has received several awards in the field of “thinking out of the box” like Prayukti Award from TSRS. Public PolicyPublic Administration and Financial Economics are his varied areas of interest.

News inputs from Kulbir Singh Kalsi