Bigg Boss 10  is getting grosser than before and this time, the most unbelievably disgusting thing happened. During the captaincy task, Om Swami peed in a cup and literally threw it at Bani J, Rohan Mehra and few others.

That’s how low he stooped to get back in the captaincy game. For the task, two pyramids of miniature blocks with Bani and Om Swami’s pictures are placed in the garden area on a table. While the contestants are given an option to destroy the pyramid of the contender they do not wish to support by throwing squishy balls at them to displace it by staying outside the border line.

Bani and Swami have to protect their pyramids. They also have the liberty to build it all over again. The contender with a maximum number of blocks standing in a shape of a pyramid by the end of the task will be declared as the winner.

After Swami loses badly, he starts sulking instead of playing. And then the unspeakable happens which angers all the housemates. Some of them are actually shocked that Swami can fall so low for a task. The housemates lock him in the jail and request Bigg Boss to throw him out of the house. Bani and Rohan cry a little as they discuss the incident.

Bani refuses to participate in any further activities until a strict action has been taken and throws the mic away. Rohan asks her to wear it back but she refuses to do so. Later on, Bigg Boss asks everyone to assemble in the living area and announces that Swami’s actions were disgusting indeed. 

Meanwhile, Swami is complaining about how he is the one being mistreated in the house. In the upcoming episode, Bigg Boss announces that Swami will have to leave the house immediately.

Swami refuses to get out of the house and Bigg Boss is forced to send in some security guards to drag him outside. He immediately goes and hides in the jail washroom as the housemates look in shock. A lot of drama will unfold in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10.