Shah Rukh Khan released Karan Johar's autobiography 'An Unsuitable Boy'. King Khan showered praises on his filmmaker friend at the do, which was also attended by Karan's close friends and associates. The brief book reading session was moderated by famous columnist Shobhaa De.

Shahrukh gave several titles to the Dharma Productions head honcho. "Karan's is an extremely beautiful person. Why 'An Unsuitable Boy'? His autobiography could have been 'The Good Boy' and his parents would vouch for that," SRK said.

The super star also suggested that the book could have been called 'The Intelligent Boy', as Karan has the gift of knowing people inside out. "It is very tough to keep up with me so I can say he is one of the best conversationalists. His book could even have been 'The Sensitive Boy'," Shahrukh said.

"It could have been called 'The Brave Boy'," Shahrukh said. "He will remain the most beautiful boy I have ever seen in my life. After 25 years of work, and at 51 years of age, I feel I have truly arrived because there is a full chapter dedicated to me in his book."

Retorting to Shahrukh's jovial self, the filmmaker revealed that he first met SRK with his father when they met to discuss casting of Duplicate. "I found Shahrukh very animated," Karan added. "The way SRK respected my father, it meant the world to me. My father started as a production assistant, so his instinct made him carry the actors' bags even when he became a huge film producer," he said.