Hitech International Trade Fair India Private Limited in association with the textile industry of Sri Lanka is organizing International Garment Machinery Accessories Expo (IGMA) 2017 in Colombo, Sri Lanka from July 27 to July 29, 2017. The exhibition will be held at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center.  


Ludhiana is home to a large number of businesses and manufacturers who have traditionally been meeting the needs of textile machinery in India. Since the early days of the advent of the textile manufacturing industry, manufacturers in this part of India have made rapid strides in deploying new and the latest technologies. Ludhiana is a popular center not only within India, but around the world for textile machinery. 


M A Rayappan, Chairman Hitech International Trade Fair India Pvt Ltd, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu said, "It is a pleasure for Hitech International Trade Fair India Private Limited to be associated with the textile industry of Sri Lanka in organizing IGMA in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has the unique distinction for rapidly expanding its textile industry in multiple segments within the textile manufacturing processes."

Mohan S Chawla, Business Associate, IGMA Sri Lanka said, "Sri Lanka is a unique proposition for every manufacturer of textile goods, machinery, fabrics, accessories and embellishments. This is a big opportunity that Indian (and foreign) vendors will be able to monetize in terms of sales and reputation as a high technology supplier. Potentially millions of dollars in sales are at stake for the manufacturers from India which the textile machinery industry of India is yet to monetize to its benefits. We hope that an expo like this would help in the realisation of these benefits."

IGMA 2017 will provide a unique opportunity for the textile machinery manufacturers of Ludhiana in particular and Punjab in general to showcase their products and services in Sri Lanka and other south-east Asian countries.

IGMA 2017 is considered an ideal expo for textile machinery manufacturers of Ludhiana the reasons being that Sri Lanka has a decent big apparel manufacturing base that exports its products to sophisticated markets such as the US, UK and Europe.


The garment manufacturing sector is the single largest foreign exchange earner for Sri Lanka and 76% of production is exported to the United States of America. Sri Lanka is also reputed to occupy the 12 position as the US’s largest supplier of garments.

Sri Lanka has a good track record of complying with environmental laws and practices and it also has a market investor friendly policy and attractive investment options.

Sri Lanka has preferential access to Indian market including duty free concession provided by the free trade agreement between India and Sri Lanka and Indian exhibitors will be enabled to enter a core market with minimum expense. 

It will be an ideal platform for manufacturers who are doing business for the first time abroad.  IGMA 2017 is well poised to bring in big sales considering the competitive manufacturing capabilities of Ludhiana. This will be a unique opportunity for textile machinery manufacturers of Ludhiana.

Among the things that will be exhibited at IGMA 2017 are Capital Machinery: Knitting machines, looms for weaving, label making machines and more. Textile Processing Machinery: Dyeing, Washing, testing, printing, drying, folding, rolling and a full range of processing machines and technologies.