Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath conferred the Shakti Samman on star RTI activist Siddhartha Narayan at a programme held in Lucknow at the Sangeet Natak Academy hall.


India's first CIC, Wajahat Habibiullah spoke on the importance of RTI and how it has impacted society. The event had a special feature on RTI.

The programme was attended by senior ministers, state information commissioners and other dignitaries. Speaking on this occasion, Siddhartha Narayan discussed some of his important cases primarily the Attack on the Agra Church, Shaktimaan (The Uttarakhand Police Horse), The Murder case of a young journalist lady that was botched up as a case of dowry death by the police amongst others. RTI was used as a tool in all these cases.


At the event Siddhartha shared his award and glory with the UP Information Commission and gave a heartfelt thanks to all the information commissioners. Towards the end, he said that it was due to the blessings of his mother that he had achieved such a great high in the world of information activism.

Siddharth said that he filed his first RTI using his mother's pension money and it was that spirit which kept him going ever since.


State Information Commissioner, Hafiz Usman said, "Siddhartha's sense of equality and justice is unparalleled as he fights the case of a poor girl in the same breath as he did in his court with the subject matters dealing with a Maharani of an erstwhile princely state."


"Siddhartha has made us proud," added State Information Commissioner, Syed Haider Rizvi.