Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath honoured star RTI activist Siddhartha Narayan at a function held in Lucknow recently. Siddhartha was given the prestigious Shakti Samman. 

Speaking at the event, Guest of Honour Wajahat Habibullah said that Section 4 of the RTI Act needs to be fully implemented in the state by various government departments.

He stressed that activist Siddhartha has set very high standards in the field of RTI and there is a great need for the state to encourage activists like Siddhartha Narayan.

UP Information Commissioner, Hafiz Usman said, "Siddhartha is a 100% true activist. He encourages activism and not self promotion. He has a constructive attitude and an analytical approach to problem solving. Siddhartha can not be influenced."

After receiving the Shakti Samman from the Chief Minister, Siddhartha touched his mother's feet and said that it was due to the blessings of his mother that he had achieved such a great high in the world of Information Activism.

He said that he had filed his first RTI using his mother's pensin money and it was that spirit which has kept him going ever since. While speaking to journalist the Star Activist discussed his cases, primarily The Agra Church Attack and the case of a journalist, who was murdered for dowry and the police made it a case of suicide.

Siddhartha said that he married Right to Information with first information and the result is for the world to see.

CIC Wajahat Habibullah was accompanied by his son Saif and daughter-in-law, Jyotsana Habibullah, who was seated next to the Star Activist's mother who clearly looked thrilled.

Siddhartha shared his glory with State Information Commissioner and gave a heart felt thanks to Hafiz Usman.