Punjab and adjoining regions are facing a major water crisis because of fast depleting and polluted ground water and polluted rivers. A series of reports over the years have consistently highlighted that the drinking water sources in the region are perilously contaminated due to the discharge of untreated sewage and industrial waste and rampant use of fertilisers in agriculture.

Havells range of technologically advanced water purifiers are designed to safely address these issues across varied geographies. Havells unveiled a range of unique water purifiers in Chandigarh.


Unveiling this best in class range of water purifiers, Mr Narendra Choudhary, Executive Vice President, Havells India Limited said, “We take pride in announcing that our water purifiers are designed to offer 100% safe and healthy drinking water. We are hopeful that our exclusive water purifier with pH balance and natural mineral fortification capability will be well appreciated by our customers and help us gain strong foothold in the region.”


Speaking on the occasion, Mr Shashank Shrivastav, Vice President Havells India, said, “With only 1 % of the country covered, this is an extremely under penetrated and much needed product, our products will address consumers need and we target to garner at least 10% market share in next 3-4 years”.


He further added, “These machines can automatically detect the quality of input water and offer safe and healthy water. We are confident that consumers would love these aesthetically appealing and technologically superior offering from us”.


True to its brand promise of ‘Making a Difference’, Havells range of water purifiers for the first time in the country would offer safe, healthy and mineral rich drinking water to consumers at the all times. The promise would be delivered across six variants namely “Digitouch”, “Digiplus”, “UTS”, “Max”, “Pro” and “UV Plus” that have been designed with clear focus on design excellence, technological advancements and consumer convenience. The product would also offer a host of advanced consumer convenience features such as programmable multi-fill options, feather touch consumer interface, alerts on performance, & preventive maintenance, operations and cartridge life. The range consists of six product variants, priced between Rs. 10,500 and Rs. 24,000.


In the usual reverse osmosis (RO) process, most minerals are lost while removing impurities and total dissolved solids (TDS). In many instance, this leads to drop in pH of water. This low pH turns water acidic, thereby harming the human body, bitter taste is first indication. Many competing brands make correction in taste with a bypass of water from RO, this exposes consumers to the risk of various chemicals and heavy metals. 


Havells water purifiers would be available across Punjab in a phased manner. The company will utilise its massive sales and distribution network and has created a dedicated ecosystem for after sales service. Service technicians have been trained for the in-house developed technology and would offer service in every part of the country. Customers would be able to reach through the toll free helpline of Havells that is served in 9 different languages.