The annual fun fest 'Meraki' held at MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh. Meraki is a two day cultural fest.

Spreading the word in city, drumming up support for the fest, the students had been doing various activities in city. 

With a number of events including nukkad natak, group dance, quiz, tug of war, paint a poem, Ad mad, comic strip making, snakes and ladders, and Hog it all, it was all fun for the girls of the college.


Meraki saw performances by Pollywood stars, Sara Gurpal, Alfaaz. The second day of the fest had an EDM concert with International DJ Diego Miranda which gathered a huge crowd.

MCM is known to be one of the best colleges for women in the country. It is highly reputed for its academic programmes, intellectual vigour, cultural and moral sensitivity, dedicated faculty and achievements of the students.