WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh Review by Firas Alameh

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WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh Review and Bonus by Firas Alameh – It’s Now EASIER Than Ever To Sell Digital Products For Profit. WPDigiPro Does ALL The Hard Work For You

WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh OTO by Firas Alameh

WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh Upsell is something that you need. Most of guide are no help. you need an edge if you plan on getting real result.. and that is where the unique WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh package comes in

This Sounds Amazing…But How Do I Know WPDigiPro Will Work For Me? You’ve seen the income proof on the page. The testimonials from customers and industry experts. WPDigiPro works, plain and simple. All while saving hundreds to THOUSANDS each year with an all-in-one platform that grows with you! Then choose your license below to grab YOUR access to WPDigiPro for the lowest possible price.

WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh is your all-in-one solution to making life-changing profits from the explosive eLearning industry. QUICKLY Customize Your Store To Fit Your Brand & Style Change the logo, background color and images. Customize the member’s menu to suit your business. Even LOCK DOWN your content so it’s ONLY accessible to paying customers! Unlimited flexibility to sell ANY type of downloadable digital product, including software, WP themes / plugins, eBooks, videos and more.

Today, people pay good money for something that has no smell, taste, weight, or volume – a product with no physical presence. We live and work in an era of digital downloads, which are an enduring mark of our information age. The buying and selling of such intangibles is commerce as we know it today. According to elearningindustry.com, the eLearning market is growing at an unprecedented rate, an incredible $51.5 billion revenue in 2016. And eLearning is just one of them…just one kind of digital products. Enough said, digital product is a BIG thing today, and for the future!

WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh Review and Bonus by Firas Alameh – It’s Now EASIER Than Ever To Sell Digital Products For Profit. WPDigiPro Does ALL The Hard Work For You is the best. You will be like a professional.

Get Now WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh :

WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh Review and Bonus by Firas Alameh – It’s Now EASIER Than Ever To Sell Digital Products For Profit. WPDigiPro Does ALL The Hard Work For You WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh Review

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WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh OTO / Upsell :

WPDigiPro WP plugin, PLUS 6 bonus addons:

  • Warrior Plus Addon
  • JVZoo add-on plugin
  • S3 add-on plugin
  • EDD migration add-on plugin
  • WPDigiPro Invoices add-on plugin
  • Autoresponders integration add-on plugin

Agency License: (single domain)
Agency License: (5 domains)
Agency License: (100 domains)

10 add-on plugins bundle

  • Ticket support – to create support ticket system, so users don’t need to register again on a separate website.
  • Abandon Cart – to remind people who didn’t complete the checkout process.
  • Coupons – to create coupon discount for their products.
  • Packages Add-On – to bundle few products into one product.
  • Affiliate System – to run affiliate system inside WPDigiPro.
  • Zaxaa – to do integration with Zaxaa.
  • WPDigiPro PayDotCom (JVShare) Addon – V2.0 Special
  • WPDigiPro Due Addon – V2.0 Special
  • WPDigiPro Braintree Addon – V2.0 Special
  • WPDigiPro Paygate Addon – V2.0 Special

11 add-on plugins bundle + ALL future add-ons

  • WPDigiPro ZIPSecure
  • WPDigiPro PDFSecure
  • WPDigiPro Notification
  • WPDigiPro Stripe
  • WPDigiPro Authorizenet
  • WPDigiPro PayPal Adaptive
  • WPDigiPro PayUmoney
  • WPDigiPro Country Based Payment Gateway
  • WPDigiPro PayPal Preapproved Payments
  • WPDigiPro RazorPay (For India) – V2.0 Special
  • WPDigiPro Alipay Addon – V2.0 Special



Amazing Features to Manage Digital Products in One Dashboard:

  • Payment gateways integration
  • Automatic product delivery
  • Email notification
  • Members access
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Download link protection
  • Drip content
  • Page protection
  • And MANY more…

Sell ANY Kind of Digital Products with WPDigiPro v2.0:

  • Selling graphics
  • Animation templates
  • Software
  • Web templates
  • WP plugins
  • WP themes
  • Audios and musics
  • Running a membership site
  • Online course, and more…

AND It Works in These EASY Steps…

STEP 1: Add Product
Adding product is easy, simply click the “Add New” link on WPDigiPro v2.0 menu, then enter the product detail such as product name, description, pricing (one-time or recurring), etc.

STEP 2: Integrate Payment Gateway
We have built payment gateways integration such as PayPal Standard, PayPal API, PayPal Sandbox (Standard and API both), 2Checkout, and 2Checkout Sandbox.

STEP 3: Change Settings
Change the settings to fit the business needs, such as email templates, custom pages, user dashboard, and more.

STEP 4: Start Selling
Then start selling without complicated setups!


ANYONE who wants to sell digital products, it doesn’t matter beginner, intermediate, or expert. WPDigiPro v2.0 has everything needed to start selling digital products with ease. Including but not limited for:

  • Software/Web Developer
  • Running an Online Course
  • Running a Membership Site
  • Web Agency
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer
  • Selling Audios & Musics
  • Selling eBooks
  • Selling Web Related Products
  • Selling Animation Templates
  • WPDigiPro

Or, ANYONE who sells digital products!

WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh Benefits :

  • Bank BIG money selling your own or OTHER people’s digital products – NO experience needed!
  • Create passive income with your own RECURRING income site
  • Make easy WINDFALL profits flipping domains
  • Effortlessly build buyer lists for long-term, push button income
  • INCLUDED Agency access gives you a DFY service to sell!

Everything You Need Under One dashboard…

  • For A Fraction Of The Cost Of The Closest Competitor
  • Create STUNNING niche eStores in minutes – even if you’ve NEVER built one before.
  • Make single product sales AND set yourself up for monthly passive income with the built-in membership site features.
  • Open up MULTIPLE income streams including domain flipping & agency services.

It’s Now EASIER Than Ever To Sell Digital Products For Profit. WPDigiPro Does ALL The Hard Work For You!

  • Compatible with ANY WP Theme – unlike many plugins, WPDigiPro works with all themes right out of the box… no wasted time or money trying to “hack” things together.
  • EVERYTHING you need to sell ANY kind of digital product under 1 roof:
    • Multiple payment gateways
    • Autoresponder integration
    • Built-in licensing for software sales
    • Sync to your JVZoo seller account in a few clicks
    • Customer management, tracking… and so much more!

Save THOUSANDS in costly tools and HOURS trying to put together your own sales platform… it’s all right here and works PERFECTLY!

  • Full sales funnel support – create high-profit sales funnels in minutes to maximize profits.
  • Unlimited customers / members – go ahead and PACK your sites full of customers and recurring subscribers – no restrictions and you’ll NEVER be asked to pay extra.

Point & Click Membership Site Creation – Recurring Income Has NEVER Been Easier!

  • Keep 100% of the profits from EVERY recurring payment.
  • Charge members monthly, weekly, yearly or even DAILY.
  • Secure downloads protect your content so ONLY your members have access.

One Platform, FIVE Income Streams:

Sell any type of downloadable product you want: your own OR white label and PLR products. If you’ve got the rights to sell it, you can promote in on your WPDigiPro store!

  • eBooks
  • Software
  • WP Themes
  • Private Label Rights Products
  • Online Training
  • Video
  • WP Plugins
  • White Label Products

Perhaps you’re a consultant or freelancer. Now you can position yourself as a leading authority with a stunning website that showcases your services to prospects.

  • Graphic Design
  • Music Composer
  • Animator / Video Creator
  • Photography
  • Advertising Specialist
  • Business Consultant
  • * Plus with your INCLUDED agency access, you can sell digital product set-up services to a huge market!

Thanks to WPDigiPro’s features, you can turn ANY product collection into a recurring income stream.

  • Define your pricing and billing frequency…
  • Secure all your content so ONLY members can access…
  • Build a library of digital assets for REPEAT, passive income…
  • All with NO restrictions on how many customers or members you have – unlimited scaling and income potential!

Once you build a site that makes regular sales, you have a HIGHLY valuable asset that others will gladly pay you for.


  • Access to WPDigiPro INCLUDES agency rights.
  • Meaning you can create and sell digital product agencies to others…
  • OR simply charge clients for the initial set up.

The choice is yours, the demand is huge…and this is an EASY and lucrative income stream that takes no experience.

WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh Features :

Download Link Protection
Say goodbye to blackhat sites stealing your content, and ensure only PAYING customers get access.

Assign Trial Periods
Maximize conversions by giving prospects a chance to “try before they buy”.

Add License Keys
Perfect way to protect your WP theme & plugin products from unauthorized access.

Enable Recurring Fees
Quickly turn your assets into membership sites that drive passive, repeat income.

Multiple Payment Gateways
Give your customers multiple ways to pay to increase your sales.

Flexible “Buy Now” Links
Use your buy links anywhere – as buttons or text links on ANY website.

Click Tracking
Forget expensive click tracking apps, now you can quickly see which links are getting you paid to effortlessly scale your business.

Analytics & Stats
Track sales stats with graph reporting using both product and date filters… know your numbers at a glance!

Email Notifications
WPDigiPro automatically sends customer receipts, login info, reminders and more using customizable templates to SAVE you time!

Custom Currency
Sell products in any currency to maximize sales based on location.

Pixel Management
Include FB, Adwords or ANY type of pixel code on your pages.

Page Protection
Restrict certain pages based on membership access.

Manual Payments
Make sales via wire transfer, or give reviewers free access.

WP MultiSite Compatible
WPDigiPro runs perfectly on the WordPress MultiSite platform.

Unlimited Customers / Members
Zero restrictions or extra charges, ever!

The WPDigiPro 30 Days, No-Nonse 100% Money Back Guarantee

Pick up WPDigiPro and test it out for yourself for the next 30 days. See how easy it is to create an eStore that effortlessly sells your digital products for you. Keep 100% of the profits from your sales. Use the included agency license to create multiple income streams. Even build complete membership sites in MINUTES you can make RECURRING profits from. You must try it and contact our support to help if you face any issues. For non-sense reasons, like dying for food because of no money, hit by any hurricane, grandmother died, robbery happened or any other reason which is not related to our product, we simply DON’T refund. If you find any issue/bug then we assure you that we’ll get it fixed for you. You MUST NOT come up with a NEW Functionality (as a bug) which we haven’t mentioned on the sales page. So please watch the demo carefully before you BUY so that you know how WPDigiPro works. We only need SERIOUS buyers who TRY SERIOUSLY. We’re happy to help as much as it’s needed for such serious clients! So, to put it simply, If we can’t fix a BUG pointed out by you, you will get 100% refund!

So Now’s The Time To Decide

  • Do you want to tap into the hundred + BILLION dollar eLearning market?
  • Keep 100% of the profits from everything you sell?
  • Make daily sales WHILE building a recurring income business?
  • Flip sites for windfall profits?
  • Even sell digital business set-up services to clients?

WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh : F.A.Q.

I’m a complete beginner – will WPDigiPro work for me?
Absolutely! ZERO technical skill or experience is needed. We’ve included extensive step-by-step training inside your dashboard so you’ll be up and running fast.

How Is WPDigiPro different from other eCom store builders, themes and plugins?
Unlike other “single-solution” softwares, WPDigiPro is a complete business in a box. Everything you need to sell ANY type of digital product is included. It integrates with all your favorite platforms, lets you sell one-time or recurring products, and provides MULTIPLE earning opportunities inside one dashboard.

Are support and updates included?
Of course – as mentioned, we use WPDigiPro to run our own digital product businesses. We’re constantly updating the software and there’s a fully-staffed support team available if you ever have any questions.

I don’t yet have my own products. Can I still use WPDigiPro to profit?
You sure can! We’ve outlined several ways to use OTHER people’s products, such as PLR and White Label, to sell as your own. Then when you’re ready, you can really scale up by offering your own products to your customers.

Are there any limits to how many customers or members I can have?
None at all! We think you should be congratulated – not penalized – for building a large customer base. So with your access today there are absolutely ZERO limitations on how many customers you can have. No extra fees, EVER.

How and Where will I install WPDigiPro?
WPDigiPro is a WordPress plugin and all its addons are also WordPress plugins. So if you have a WordPress website, you can easily install the WPDigiPro plugins on it. Step by Step installation and setup documentation is available inside members’ area.

WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh Review

WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh is Extraordinary, practicable and Recomended. WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh is an easy to follow guide with clear step by step so that you can follow in his footsteps. I would have paid thousands a month for WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh. WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh provides serious marketers with everything they need.

Get WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh here :

WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh Review and Bonus by Firas Alameh – It’s Now EASIER Than Ever To Sell Digital Products For Profit. WPDigiPro Does ALL The Hard Work For You WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh OTO

download WPdigiPro 2.0 Firas Alameh

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