Lake Stevens is believed to have gotten its name from the lake that it surrounds. It is also believed to be named after governor Isaac Stevens. It is a city in Washington, the USA in the Snohomish County.

The first settlement in Lake Stevens was in the 1800s and started off as a timber mill settlement. After the destruction of their largest sawmill by fire and the inability to rebuild it, the city flourished on its own and by the early twentieth century, Lake Stevens was primarily a resort center, attracting resort beaches due to its natural beauty and location.

The city presently has a population of close to 30,000 residents. Most of the population came through the annexation program done from the beginning of the 21st century. Three of these annexations came from direct petition while one was from an election.

Recreation & Parks

Built originally as a resort center, Lake Stevens has a wide selection of parks and recreation to choose from. These recreation and parks offer scenic beauty and relaxation to people and families. Some notable recreation facilities are:

Catherine Creek Park: A park that is known for its natural look. The park is mainly used as a golf course and for walking trails.

Centennial Woods: This has gravel trails and barrows. It’s used mostly as a nature trail due to its scenic beauty and untouched look.

Lake Stevens Community Park: This large park is used mainly as a sports complex due to the various athletic fields for baseball, athletics, and a playground.

It also has a lush forest good for taking hikes and walks.

Eagle Ridge Park: The park houses the senior center and a community garden. Eagle Ridge Park also has a wildlife viewing center and a trail for walks and enjoying the scenery.

City Boat Launch: The beautiful lake Stevens attract tourists and residents for boat rides. The boat launch offers services like a parking lot, boat ramp and docks.


Lake Stevens is all about family and the family support centers help struggling families and individuals find a foothold in the turbulent times. The support center helps in cases of domestic and drug abuse, language and cultural barriers and those facing disability challenges.

The community covers six centers in the county and offers the following services: finding accommodation for people, a giving program for the holiday periods, help with health care services, assisting with emergency foods and clothing, help with searching for a job and utility services like power or gas disconnection. The community centers also hold events every month to bind families together and foster peace. One of such special monthly events is the National Nights Out against Crime. This is an event where the community comes out to stand and speak out against crime.

Lake Stevens has other recreational activities like the rowing club, the Lake Stevens historical museum, the bicycling club and the Washington Department of fish and wildlife. Some notable personalities that reside or once lived in Lake Stevens include Chris Platt, Katie Synder, and Cory Kennedy.